The Entrepreneurial Mindset: 10 Charactistics of a Successful Entrepreneur

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? An entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur and is often overlooked.  An entrepreneurial mindset is a way of thinking and approaching challenges. The right mindset enables an entrepreneur to be driven to overcome challenges, make tough decisions, take calculated risks and learn from mistakes to ensure their future success.  We discuss ten characteristics that are key to having an entrepreneurial mindset.  


Optimism is having a positive attitude towards new ideas, challenges, and mistakes and feeling confident about achieving success in the future. Optimistic entrepreneurs cope better with difficult situations and view obstacles as temporary setbacks and opportunities to learn.


Creativity means thinking outside the box, seeing the bigger picture and making connections between ideas. Being creative can help entrepreneurs solve complex problems and explore the unknown by doing things differently, leading to innovation and improved business practices.

Emotionally Intelligent  

An entrepreneur with high emotional intelligence can recognise and manage their emotions and understand how their feelings affect their behaviour and thoughts. They are adept at identifying others emotional cues and understanding how others are feeling.  Those with high emotional intelligence successfully create and maintain strong relationships, understand group dynamics, and collaborate well with others. This enables effective communication, reduces stress in the workplace, deescalate conflicts and helps to overcome challenges.

A desire to continuously learn

Entrepreneurs have a natural curiosity and desire to learn and discover new ideas.  This doesn’t just include formal education, other great ways to learn include reading lots of books, talking to others, getting outside your comfort zone and being open to new experiences.


It’s not enough to have a good idea and resources. An entrepreneur needs to be committed to seeing their idea through to the end. They need to be seen as dependable and passionate about achieving their vision and continually focused on their goals even when facing difficulties.

Willing to take risks

To be able to grow a business, an entrepreneur must be comfortable with taking risks. That’s not to say they need to be reckless. It’s about taking calculated risks and ensuring there is a suitable risk-reward trade-off. Taking calculated risks enables them to display their leadership, set themselves apart from competitors and take advantage of opportunities.  


Successful entrepreneurs are self-motivated and willing to work hard to achieve their dreams. They view failure not as a negative but as an opportunity. This means not giving up when facing challenges and when things don’t go to plan. It also means drowning out the negative opinion of others who say things can’t be done.  


Entrepreneurs must have flexible thinking and adjust positively when situations or conditions change to be successful. It requires an open mind to change their path when required to be competitive and set themselves apart from others.  


While it’s important to network, collaborate, and share ideas with others, it is also crucial for entrepreneurs to be independent, think freely for themselves, take charge, make their own decisions, and follow their instincts.


Entrepreneurs visualise achieving their dreams and break these into clear, achievable goals.  Rather than just a general idea of what they want to accomplish, they focus on achievable and measurable short-term and long term goals. They turn these goals into specific plans to take action and work towards them each day to achieve their desired outcome.



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