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BPO Connect Group hybrid model allows clients to reaps the benefits of both onshore and offshore models.

  • Onshore Solutions
  • Key Advantages

  • Direct customer relations representative
  • Australian market expertise
  • Reduced Co-ordination costs
  • Reduced risk of supply chain disruption
  • Ease of increased customization and configuration
  • Key Disadvantages

  • High cost of labour
  • Restricted to onshore labour market
  • Infrastructure and space requirement
  • Offshore Solutions
  • Key Advantages

  • Significant lowered labour costs
  • Flexibility of resources
  • Access to skilled labour markets
  • Location benefits
  • Cost savings enable creation of new service lines
  • Key Disadvantages

  • Unpredictable quality of work
  • Time zone differences resulting in inconvenience in customer support
  • Language barriers between client and offshore team
  • BPO Connect Hybrid Model
  • Key Features

  • Offshore team works on producing deliverables
  • Australian Onshore team works directly with clients
  • Hybrid model enables access to different labour markets at lower costs
  • Three levels of quality control between the offshore team to clients
  • Ability to scale with clients demand without requiring more labour
  • Deliverables managed by cloud solutions to reduce technological overhead.
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