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BPO Connect Group aims to maintain a labour arbitrage by offshoring services centres to locations with cheaper labour.

  • Reducing the Cost of Labour Significant cost savings in annual wages when outsourcing labour to India and Sri Lanka
  • By offshoring to India and Sri Lanka, BPO Connect Group can provide the same services as an Australian, British and New Zealand accounting firm at a lower price.
  • Similarly, department managers are cheaper to hire in the aforementioned offshore locations
  • Additional Benefits for Companies using BPO Connect are
  • Reducing Overhead Requirements Requirement for space in Australia
  • Reduced cost of equipment significantly lowered.
  • Use of cloud platforms to sync offshore offices with Australian offices reduces technological overhead.
  • Reduction in overall infrastructure required.
  • Increasing Flexibility in Capacity due to the significant savings in labour costs, BPO Connect Group can scale their capacity according to client needs. For instance, should a client require additional services for their back-office operations, BPO Connect Group can easily cater to their needs, saving the hassle of hiring additional labour
  • In countries like India and Sri Lanka, the labour market availability is higher than in the western developed world and hence there is a great opportunity to grow.
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